I recommend tutorials

I recommend watching new videos on Angular 17, as well as previously published beginner tutorials on JavaScript and TypeScript 5, all available on the Igor Sedov YouTube Channel. His videos are known for high-quality explanations using animated infographics and thoughtful step-by-step explanations of complex topics in an enjoyable way.

Igor Sedov is a full-stack developer with over ten years of experience, specializing primarily in the Angular framework, excelling at explaining complex concepts and principles in a simple and understandable manner, covering a wide range of subjects.

I highly recommend his high-quality programming tutorials and videos on various topics. The positive and enthusiastic comments from viewers speak for themselves, both on YouTube and across the Internet.

Learning programming, especially frameworks and abstract concepts, is difficult and time-consuming. It is important to find information that helps and facilitates this process, and does not interfere and waste extra time. I know this from my own experience.

Every day something new appears in the programming universe. New versions of programming languages, frameworks and libraries bring new features into the world and introduce breaking changes. It is necessary to keep track of all this, but time in life is always limited.

Igor Sedov

Angular 17

Angular 17 introduces a significant and useful new feature: deferrable views and deferred loading. This functionality enables you to defer the loading of specific view blocks until certain events or conditions are met, operating at the view level rather than the component level. Deferred blocks can contain components, HTML code, and other directives.

I recommend watching this video, which is suitable for both developers and beginners. In just 5 minutes, it provides a detailed, visually engaging explanation of deferrable views, their functioning, and their various types. The video effectively illustrates the concepts of the target block and the defer block, along with how to set triggers and logical expressions as conditions, and how to combine them.

New Angular 17 Feature on YouTube: Deferrable Views and Deferred Loading

New Control Flow

The latest version brings a new syntax for control flow, representing a significant overhaul for the framework. According to the development team, the previous syntax will continue to receive support during a transitional phase. Moreover, plans are in place for an automated migration from the old to the new syntax.

This revamped syntax offers both compactness and elegance, resulting in a substantial improvement in code readability. Initial feedback on social media suggests that the new syntax has substantially increased productivity, though the extent of this boost remains to be validated. Nevertheless, early user experiences are encouraging.

Angular 17 New Control Flow Code Example